CFI’s Primary Services:

  • Investigations and Forensic Reporting
  • Electronic Data and Document Discovery
  • Computer Use Assessments for Parents
  • Secure Data Elimination
  • Employee Computer Monitoring – includes Email/Webmail, Chat/Instant Messages, Websites Visited, Keystrokes Typed, User Activity/Inactivity


CFI’s Other Services Include:

  • Computer Forensic Examinations with Report
  • Computer Investigations and Interviews
  • Data Recovery: Intentional or Accidental
  • Electronic Evidence Recovery
  • Employee Termination Computer Reviews
  • Identify Internet Abuse
  • Internet/Email Investigations
  • Password Recovery
  • Professional Court Testimony
  • Web Browsing Analysis

Why Use CFI?

  • Highly experienced and trained investigators
  • Information is kept confidential at all times
  • Uses the industry’s lead forensic tools
  • Ability to acquire from hard drives, USB devices, smart phones, flash drives, SD cards (digital cameras), etc.
  • Cost effective